Playing cards

The playing cards are basically the set of a rectangular piece of any material which have an assigned number from 2 to 7. There is also a symbol of that card printed in the one side of a card. Mostly every set of the card contains 52 cards in it. Playing cards is a best example of an indoor games and it is also playing cards also help us in over mental growth. It made our mind sharper. Playing cards are further divided into four types. People usually likes to play a card after a dinner till late night. They also like Playing cards when friends or family members are gathered on any occasion. The complete set of cards is known as a deck. A large no of games are being played using cards. Many card games are being played in different casinos such as poker. These games are played for money. There are many types of playing cards in the world as there are large no of people who uses different cards and different tricks. Some types of playing cards are discussed below;

  • European playing cards

The maximum no of people in European countries is familiar with this type of cards. The deck of these cards consist of 52 cards and additional two joker cards. This is the most famous type of a playing cards all over the world as well. European playing cards has been used in many card games including poker and a Blackjack. The joker card was added by the Europeans in the deck.

  • Mushing

The Mushing Playing cards are famous in the Westerns countries. There are 32 cards in the pack of the mushing playing cards. This 32 cards are further divided into four suits having equal no of cards. Many types of game are being played with this type of a playing cards. While these cards are particularly designed by Mongolians to play some specified Mongolian games. This game is often played by 3 to 4 people but if 6 person wants to play this game you have to increase the no of cards according to the addition of the players. In this type of cards the cards are not distributed equally to the every player. Different no of cards are given to the different players according the game you are playing.

  • Tarot cards

Tarot cards are basically the invention of Italian people. As we know that is all over the world there are many players who know the different card games. And there are many no of games being played all over the world. The deck of the Tarot cards consist of 78 cards. These cards are further divided into 5 suits. Traditionally one deck is subdivided into 4 suits but In this case it has 5 suits. These cards are mostly used to play an Italian games. One of the most famous Italian game that uses Tarot playing card is Taracco.

There are many other types of the cards on the bases of no of cards and the name of cards. Jass and Parafens are also well-known types of cards.