Charities work for the welfare of needy people in society. Their main objective is to maintain the life of poor and needy people. These needy people may from any age group and gender. These needy people may include old people, children, orphans, unsupported females and divorced mothers. Divorced mothers are part of our society who need support. They have to support their children without the father of them. Such unsupported mothers need healthy support from society. Charities support divorced mothers across the world. Some of the best charities to donate to for divorced mothers are as follows:


It is one of the best non-profit organizations which spends 99% of its earnings on programs of needy people. They focus on health and nutrition of people who do not resources to maintain their health and protect against diseases. It responses efficiently in emergency situations and disasters. It protects women against diseases and provides clinical services. It protects divorced women by providing basic needs of health and nutrition to their families.

It provides protection against violence to women. It is providing services across 81 countries in the world. It works to end violence against girls and women. It spends 93% of its earnings on violence protection programs. It works with the cooperation of volunteers and anti-violence groups which operate locally. It also raises funds for local anti-violence groups. V-day gives grants for programs of anti-violence in countries where shows are not allowed. One of such program is V-day safe house in Kenia. It has raised 33 million dollars during eight years and took steps for anti-violence of women.

Breast cancer research foundation

It is one of the best charities to donate to women. It donates to women who are suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer. Cancer is one of those diseases which is spreading heavily. It must be cured by efficient doctors and researchers. Breast cancer research foundation is one of such organization which helps women to feel alive after curing cancer. It spends 93% of its earnings on such programs of women.

National partnership for women and families

It spends 86% of its funding to programs of women. It is one of the non-profit organizations which work to protect women against any societal harm. For example, women who work for her family often faces sexual harassment in work life. There is another issue of being terminated when getting pregnant. All such issues are protected by laws of countries, but there is a lack of implementation. National partnership for women and families protects women through laws. Moreover, it protects women in areas where legislations and laws are not found for women.

So these are best charities to donate to divorced mothers and needy women in society. These charities provide protection to women who have to support their families without any support. We should donate to such charities to help people in need. We can make them happy in this way.