It is a public utility that provides energy to the residential areas and most particularly to the areas where people are deprived of energy resources. It provides gas and electricity energy to the million of residents. The company was established in 1886 as a part of commonwealth power company. Later on, many local oil and gas companies did a merger with this company. In 1968 consumers power started the construction of a nuclear power plant. Later in 1977, the name of the company was officially changed to consumers energy. The company with the passage of time installed many nuclear and wind energy power plants with the latest technology.

The recent information:

In the year 2016, the company was given recognition again. The company enhanced the pay packages of its employees. The company has maintained its imaged globally and with the passage of time is updated all the equipment to full fill the energy need and to handle the energy demand and supply gap.

Energy produced by the company:

The company has been using different resources to produce energy. It includes hydroelectric, nuclear, the wind, solar and other fossil fuels like coal. The following paragraph will indicate the facts pertaining to the energy consumed by the company.

Hydroelectric supply of energy:

It has more than thirteen hydroelectric resources or dams to supply electric energy. These hydroelectric plants supply energy up to 30 MV and at minimum level up to 4 MV. It has been one of the best sources of supplying energy.

Nuclear resource of energy:

The global firm has more than thirty-five years old nuclear energy plant. It is capable of producing around sixty-seven MV of energy. It played a vital role in supplying the energy at the maximum level.

Fossil fuels and the energy supply:

They provide a very cheap resource of energy without affecting the environment as a whole. The company has coal fired plants that are always there to provide enough of the energy. The company always shut down the old plants and install the state of the art plants to get the maximum output with the minimum resources being utilized.

Peakers, another efficient energy resource!

The company apart from the major plants of energy sources also use oil and gas for generating energy. For this purpose, the firm has installed oil peaking units and grid stations at different localities as per the requirement.

The realm of renewable energy!

The company is time and again planning to install various wind farm that generates the energy up to 100 MV. The company in this regard is making agreements with the other firms in order to complete the mega projects timely and in a very efficient way. The global firm is also taking initiative to install community solar programs and solar gardens in order to gain the energy at cheap cost and in an affordable way. These alternatives are basically based on the idea of taking the natural resources and using them for the benefit of humanity.