Chbika a small coastal town intermingled between sea and desert is a jewel of Morocco. Chbika amazes one with magnificent beauty and includes breathtaking nature spots. Desert and Sea makes a perfect combination for tourist to experience the ultimate beauty of two natures’ fundamental elements.

Top places to visit in Chbika are following:-

Im Wadi: This spot of Chbika is between rocky cliffs and beautiful sea. The place is awesome for adventure sports lover. Tourist can do a lot of exhilarating rock climbing along with cliffs. Cliff diving filled with super thrill can also be done.

Dunes: Almost several hundred meters away are the sand dunes. These sand dunes takes tourist back to old times and portrays a picture of fantasy novels mentioning about famous Sahara desert with scorching sun. Surfing on dunes is quite exciting. Many tourists were surfing on the dunes and also rejoiced from the breeze of the sea.

Western Sahara Coast: Chbika marks the end of Western Africa. Imagine getting a camel ride along the coast with thundering sound of Atlantic Ocean waves makes aesthetic pleasure for tourist. Coast is beautiful like every other prominent coast in North Africa. Camping along the coast at night could be a bit scary but an adventure of life time. The magnificent ocean waves catch heart every moment. A tourist far away from hectic life feels light as feather delighted with simplistic nature incorporated with broad features.

Pont Sur Oued: This point is remarkable in the Chbika region with sophisticated restaurants nearby. People try their luck by fishing. Every one craves for fishing here. Boats are easily available along with stationary point to do some awesome fishing. It doesn’t matter if some one is better at fishing or not a try is a must.

Water sports such as windsurfing, surfing and fly board magnifies ones experience to maximum level. Sophisticated water sports facilities are available specifically at Chbika restaurant and resort which is developed by Orascom Corporation.

Coast near Tan Tan or Flamingo Shore: Chbika being part of a Tan Tan region also features the coast of Tan Tan. Western Coast of Africa and mainly Morocco is famous for birds. Tourist can experience wild nature filled with lovely birds all along the western coast. Flamingoes standing on one leg are quite common here along with other birds.

It is charming and magnificent to get sight of such unique birds. Tourist can take picture and experience Mother Nature at its best. Flamingoes chirping sounds catch your attention and some tourist calls it the Flamingo shore.

Shbaika: Shbaika not far away from the coast is an oasis with water surrounded by the sand. Tourists are delighted to see such a rare sight in a desert. Oases are quite rare in nature and this one in Chbika truly inspires inner adventurer to experience mighty Sahara. Camping by the side of Shbaika oasis will be a magical experience.

There are no words to depict the beauty of Chbika. The jewel of North Africa awaits tourist with open arms to give adventure of life time.