Look at And Comprehend the Meaning of Love, For Me This Year Has Been a Special Mountain by Nicholas Gordon.

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For Me This Year Has Been a Special Mountain

For me this year has been a special mountain,
Incandescent on its sunlit peak.
Revisiting its rich, eventful days,
So full of love, is one more gift from you.
There is no darkness on our lovely mountain
As I gaze upon my life from this first peak.
Nothing I imagined matches these days
Needing, wanting, loving, having you.
In earlier years I thought of this first mountain,
Visioning the vista from its peak.
Each thought was there, even in those days:
Ripples in the darkness without you.
So shall I love you on this yearly mountain
As I cast a quick glance backward from its peak,
Recalling the long innocence of days
Yearning for what I now have in you.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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