Look at And Comprehend the Meaning of Friendship, We Met Four Years Ago, Hunting Deer by Nicholas Gordon.

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We Met Four Years Ago, Hunting Deer

We met four years ago, hunting deer,
And ever since that time we've been close friends.
I'm the killer, he's become the bear:
I love the layered message that this sends.
He drives two Chevy GMC's-one black,
And a red one that he calls the General.
Four-wheeling down some bumpy backwoods track
Is what makes him and me most comfortable.
We're buddies, even though a boy and girl,
And through the years our friendship's only grown.
Life gets to you sometimes as troubles swirl,
But he's the best ear I have ever known.
We have, of course, compatibility;
But, deeper, love and rough equality.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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