Look at And Comprehend the Meaning of Encouragement, Words by Sharon Elaine Carpenter.

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Words often seem like little things
And yet they mean so much
Depending on the use of them
Can hurt or cheer one up

How often do you choose your words
With caution and great care
Or, do you speak them carelessly
Not thinking, unaware

Of how they cut and mutilate
The pain goes deep within
Because we see the use of words
As dust blown in the wind

Scattered here and scattered there
To hurt the one who may
Without a thought, so innocently
Happen in the way

Now this is not intentional
Oh, No! we wouldn’t dare
To be so thoughtless to our friends
That would be quite unfair

Remember words are precious
A Treasure to employ
For spreading among those we greet,
much happiness and joy

Copyright by Sharon Elaine Carpenter

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