Look at And Comprehend the Meaning of Encouragement, A Light In The Window by Leona I. Miller.

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A Light In The Window

The road is never weary nor long,
When going to the home of a friend;
Whispering a prayer and in my heart a song,
I'll soon be there ~ it's just around the bend.

When with a friend, time swiftly passes away,
It's soon time for the return to home;
I'm Blessed as I take a moment to pray,
Thankful for memories as friendship has grown.

With a light in the window just ahead,
I walk slowly and continue on;
The sunset's glow of yellow, gray and red,
Keeps me watching 'til the colors are gone.

Slowly ~ the shadows of evening have grown,
Still, I keep watch on the glow ahead;
The light in the window leads me home,
I am Blessed and my soul is fed.

There's a need for moments as this,
Moments to meditate and pray;
Earths beauty ~ I don't want to miss,
I'm preparing now, for Eternal Day.

There's never a lonely moment in life,
With a light in the window just ahead;
God will free us from all strife,
He is with us, just as He has said.

Leave a light on ~ in a window,
For someone who may be passing-by;
They'll not be alone and love will kindle,
Remembering a loving God is always nigh.

There's a mansion prepared in the sky,
A beautiful place in Heaven of our own;
I trust to be a light for others, in God's Eye,
As a light in the window that leads to Home.

Copyright by Leona I. Miller

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