Look at And Comprehend the Meaning of Encouragement, Why Me,Lord? by Leona I. Miller.

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Why Me,Lord?

I keep busy through the daytime hours,
Trying hard, to live by God's Holy Word;
Trials and burdens, somehow, come,
It's then, I tend to ask, "Why me, Lord?"

The mountain is difficult for me to climb,
But, I'll climb and Obey God's Word;
He Promised to never leave me,
So, why do I ask, "Why me, Lord?"

His Word is a lamp unto my feet,
Sharper than any two-edged sword;
It is a light unto my path, and so,
I must not question, "Why me, Lord?"

God will not give more than I can bear,
I must keep my Faith strong in His Word;
Jesus endured shame, pain, suffering and death,
I must no longer ask, "Why me, Lord?"

Copyright by Leona I. Miller

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