Look at And Comprehend the Meaning of Encouragement, Jesus of Galilee by Leona I. Miller.

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Jesus of Galilee

Jesus was hanging on the Cross in agony,
Oh! The shame of it all that day;
He suffered, Bled and Died for you and me,
Never forget Calvary and don't forget to pray.
Remember Jesus of Galilee.

Women followed Jesus of Galilee,
Standing to "watch"...a long way off;
Then went to prepare spices for His body,
Love of a great degree, while others
walked away to scoff,
At Jesus of Galilee.

The women returned the first day of the week,
It was very early in the morning;
The body of Jesus they came to seek,
They loved Him, still, in this new day's dawning,
This Man of Galilee.

The stone was found to be rolled away,
The body of Jesus was no longer there;
Two men stood in shining garments that day,
The women were afraid and filled with care,
For Jesus of Galilee.

The men asked, "Why seek the living among the dead?"
The Son of Man was delivered to the hands
of sinful men;
The women remembered, then, the words
Jesus had said,
He would be Crucified, but the third day
He would rise again,
He is Risen! This Jesus of Galilee.

Jesus said He would go but again return,
The time of His coming now draws near;
To see Him "descend" from Heaven; do we yearn?
Or will our hearts be filled with fear,
For this same Jesus of Galilee?
(St. Luke 24)

Copyright by Leona I. Miller

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