Look at And Comprehend the Meaning of Encouragement, O Lord Remember Me by Leona I. Miller.

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O Lord Remember Me

The day was darkened with clouds,
A time to remember the Cross at Calvary;
It was a dark day there when Jesus died,
I come now to ask, O Lord remember me.

The morning hours pass swiftly by,
Lord, remember the lonely and the weary;
Remember those burdened and in sorrow,
Then I pray, O Lord remember me.

The shadows of evening cover the earth,
Again I think of Jesus there at Calvary;
Remember each pain and dying groan,
And then I ask, O Lord remember me.

Remember those who are so lost, Lord,
They are bound in sin and must be free;
They can never find their way alone,
Help them and then, O Lord remember me.

I am thankful for Your Mercy and Grace,
Then as I pause to bend my knees;
While You are there on Your Throne,
O Lord, please do remember me.

Copyright by Leona I. Miller

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