Look at And Comprehend the Meaning of Encouragement, My Child by Carolyn Porter.

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My Child

Why are you crying
my child, yes why?
Come with your Heavenly Father
and rest for awhile.

When clouds look so gray
and flowers are wilting away,
and the days seem dreary and long.

I'm here, yes my child
each step of the way,
to comfort and bless you
and carry you each day.

So forget all your fears,
and wipe away all those tears.
Just trust me and reach out
and hold on my child.

There is never a day
so dark and so gray,
that together we can
brighten the way.

So look up to Heaven
and smile and pray,
and I will lift you up
along the narrow way.

Then someday my child
you'll wake up and see,
in Heaven with Me you will be.

Copyright by Carolyn Porter

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