Look at And Comprehend the Meaning of Encouragement, Follow ME by Carolyn Porter.

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Follow ME

I used to walk down a sinful road
a road that led to heartache and woe.

My worldly views were what I had
no peace of mind could I find.

Then one day I cried in despair
and that's when the Master called unto me.

Come my child and look up to Me
I want to cleanse you and set you free.

For I died on a tree so you could be free
and now you can see what Heaven will be.

So reach out and trust Me and together we'll find
a new life, a new road, and a new home with Thee.

For the freedom of Heaven is joyful with Me
so don't hesitate today to come unto Thee.

The road may be narrow but what you will find
is peace, love, and joy that is truly sublime.

Then you will see how lovely Heaven will be
when you take up your cross and follow Me.

Copyright by Carolyn Porter

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