Look at And Comprehend the Meaning of Encouragement, Somebody Loves You by Willis A. Thoen.

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Somebody Loves You

(A Kinsman Redeemer from the book of Ruth)

Somebody loves you like none other can,
So if you have needs
And life doesn’t follow your plan.
Or when you’re a stranger,
In a far off land
He’s there for your hand.

Somebody loves you,
He knows you by name.
He saw where you were,
He turned as you came.
Somebody cares when you’re empty inside,
He knows your deep feelings,
He also was tried... He suffered and died.

So if you are gleaning,
And not much is found.
He heard you before
you uttered a sound.
He just wants you around.
He left handfuls on purpose.
That cover the ground.

He hears your heartbeat,
and longs for your will.
To follow Him home,
His love to fulfill.
He is rich and has mansions
Owns fields that are wide.
He has tailor made garments,
He calls you His bride.

He checked all the records,
and found you an heir,
to all that He owns,
and wants you to share.
He summoned the angels
To prepare a to-do,
To feast at His table.
Where His finest is you.

Copyright by Willis A. Thoen

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