Look at And Comprehend the Meaning of Encouragement, The Cost by Sharon Elaine Carpenter.

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The Cost

What does it cost to sacrifice?
The Price is high indeed
To be the servant of ďThe Most High GodĒ
Does not come easily

There is hurt involved, as well as joy
Donít expect an easy road
It wasnít easy for our Lord
When on this earth he abode

To serve the Lord, means to serve mankind
To help in a Christian way
That one who is poor or destitute
Lets go, Lets give, Lets pray

Your good they may not appreciate
But thatís neither here, nor there
This is the norm for the Christian life
Be unconcerned about what is fair

It was unfair to our precious Lord
To nail him to the tree
Yet, he gave his life, he sacrificed
To save both you and me

Copyright by Sharon Elaine Carpenter

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