Look at And Comprehend the Meaning of Anniversary, Heaven Has No Clue to Happiness by Nicholas Gordon.

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Heaven Has No Clue to Happiness

Heaven has no clue to happiness.
All the elements are here below.
Paradise is everywhere you go,
Priced within your budget, more or less.
Yearning is a source of tenderness.
Need and love walk fondly to and fro,
Intent on willing what the years bestow,
Nor loathe to alter fate with a caress.
Each wave of giving sweeps across the shore,
Then returns its treasure double fold,
Ending in a tranquil ecstasy.
Each choice of love, once made, requires more,
Nor is it easier as you grow old,
Though quieting a vast internal sea,
Hungry with the untamed urge to be.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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