The recent Instagram photographs of Kristie Alley have blown people’s minds. The 60-something Star Trek onscreen actress has shed around 50 pounds and hence looks as youthful as ever. In spite of the fact that age is just a number, ladies do experience numerous hormonal good and bad times that have a great influence on their body structure, appearance, and emotional well-being. But if a healthy lifestyle is adopted then you can easily look ravishing, feel better about self, and gleam with self-confidence. Kirstie Alley handled her fluctuating weight so tactfully and maintained her womanly curves successfully that have certainly inspired a large number of people and made her very popular on the social media website, Instagram.

Alley’s journey towards the perfect body transformation was not an easy one. It had ups and downs but she never gave up and hence achieved her desired goals. Her success story has inspired a great number of people thus increasing her fame. Her life story that has made her an Instagram sensation is mentioned below. Get ready to be inspired.

Kirstie Alley’s start of weight gain

Kristie has revealed that she was a foodie and loved eating all kinds of food. It was not until the age of 25 that she started gaining weight. It actually started right after her early menopause that the process of weight gain begun. She was never sure of the reason for such drastic weight gain as she was not aware that her food choices were very unhealthy.

The initial weight loss journey

By losing as many as 75 pounds, Kristie was able to get back in the right shape and weight. This was not just her own will but Jenny Craig’s help was also a major reason behind her transformation. She changed her lifestyle and incorporated exercise and healthy eating and bid a farewell to her old eating habits. At her appearance in a bikini on The Oprah Winfrey Show, her drastic weight loss and curvy body caused her to gain a lot of information. She acted as an inspiration for numerous women to take their health seriously.

Regaining the lost weight

In 2011, Kristie Alley launched her own line of weight loss products and did a small stint in Dancing With The Stars. After a very few time period, Kristie lost her self-motivation which resulted in a huge weight gain. Losing her fame made her an emotional eater and she just could not figure out her meals. But things were not to stay the same for long.

The ultimate body transformation

Kristie joined Jenny Craig’s show again in 2015. She did it for herself, to regain the lost motivation. Keeping a close check on her eating habits and indulging in regular exercise made her shed off those extra pounds again. Not only did she lose weight but has been able to maintain it as well.

Kristie Alley’s journey of body transformation and her sharing all her journey with her fans has made her very famous on Instagram. People take inspiration from her that how even at a late age she was successfully able to not just lose weight but also maintain it. Her failure did not get in her way towards the perfect body transformation.