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I'd Rather Have The $50 Cure !

A man goes to the doctor's office one day.

The nurse, quite attractive, says, "The doctor is over at the hospital right now. He won't be back for about an hour. Could you tell me your symptoms, please?"

He explains everything.

She looks at him appraisingly and decides he's just tense. She offers, "Well, um, for $50, I've got just the thing for you!"

He agrees, and she takes him into an examining room and screws the daylights out of him.

About a week later, he returns, only to find that the doctor is there. The doctor listens to the man's symptoms, examines him, and decides the man is just tense... he writes out a prescription for a sedative and says, "That'll be $150 for this visit."

The man says, "If it's all the same to you, doctor, I'd rather have the $50 cure!"
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