Feel Laughter to Read Funny Computer Geek Goes to Prison Joke from The Quality Collection of Criminal Jokes.

Computer Geek Goes to Prison

A computer geek goes to prison for fraud. The Jail Board put him in a cell with a 300LB guy. Having heard what happens with the geeks in prison and being nervous. He has better introduced himself.

He extends his hand and says with a quivering voice, "Hi my name is John Smith."

The big guy who actually is a nice guy extends his hand and says, "My name is Turner Brown."

The geek passes out. The big guy fans him and brings him too.

Why did you pass out, "He asked?"

The geek replies, "What did you say your name?"

"Turner Brown." he replies.

"OH GOD!!!" the geek says, "I thought you said TURN AROUND".
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