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A penguin Is in trouble

A penguin is driving along and comes to a small town. He then has some engine trouble and has to pull over at the mechanic's shop.

He waddles over to the mechanic and asks how long it will take for the car to be finished. "this looks like an all day job, you might want to find something to occupy your time" the mechanic says.

"Oh" the penguin says" ok, well what is there to do around here?"

"There's an ice cream shop just down the street if you like" the machanic tell him.

So the penguin waddles down and sees a sign that says 'today's special, Vanilla'

"Oh yay, my favourite" the penguin says to himself.

So he goes in and get his ice cream, but it melts too fast for him to eat it, and it gets a little messy.

Once finished the penguin waddles back down to the garage and asks the mechanic what was wrong with his car. The mechanic says "It looks like you blew a seal"

The penguin shreiks

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