Twitter for business

Twitter is a great tool for business purposes. It can help to increase branding and make connections with your customers. Twitter has about 320 million active users monthly. It allows you to network with people from all around the world, which helps you in marketing your brand. You can gain a huge amount on followers on twitter and you can bring this traffic to your website if you use the right tools and strategies on twitter account.

1.Promote your tweets

Twitter provide you an inexpensive option to advertise you tweets by promoting them. For your content to reach the target market promoted tweets help in this process. Your tweets just show up in your followers feed but your promoted tweets will also show up in other’s feeds too. Twitter gives you the option to set your promoted tweets to target by keywords interests, device used and geography.

  1. Add website link in your bio

When a followers or others visit your twitter account the first thing, they see is your bio. The bio remains same until you make changes to it. This is one of the best opportunities to bring traffic to your website. You can add the link of your website in your bio so that whoever visits your profile can easily go to your website. If there is a great blog that you have written or something new in your business you can add its specific URL to your bio, you can bring traffic to exactly what you want to show them.


3.Add @mentions

A mention is used to add Twitter users @usernames. Using @mentions you can send tweets directly to customers, followers, or anyone on twitter. @mentions can be used in a number of ways. If your twitter post comments on customers, companies or famous bloggers, you can mention them in your tweet that will bring them to your post. It gets you a chance of your tweet retweeted by them to their followers, and they will appreciate your mention.

  1. Use more #hashtags

Hashtag is a word or two that is used with ‘#’, it makes a public discussion subject. You can spread your tweets to numerous topics with the help of Hashtags. Hashtags offer a great way to connect to followers on twitter beyond your followers, they are being used on twitter for many years now. If you are tweeting to drive twitter followers to your website, there are some techniques to use hangtags for this purpose. Use hashtags that are related to subject. You can create your own hashtag if you are promoting a particular blog, contest, landing page or eBook. The method can be used for specific events like competition on your website or an entire blog on your website. Use common post related hashtags. Add hashtags that are related to your tweets or post on your website. This way your tweet will be seen by many others.

5.Pin a tweet

Another way to drive traffic to your website is to pin a tweet. When you pin a tweet, it remains at the top of your feed, which means it will be the first post someone visiting your account will see. Pinned tweets bring more traffic than the non-pinned tweets. It’s a great idea to add rich media or images to attract more people to click on your tweets. In your pinned tweets you can add details about your website so followers can visit your website too.