In past decade the prominence of media and information literacy to both genders has gained much attention and has been modified over the years. Now today media information and literacy has been known as a basic necessity for the right use of information, maintaining the ethical codes, use of freedom of expression. It has now also being proposed as a medium to encourage social, political, personal, economic and cultural development.

We need to look out for ways how media can be helpful to a promotion of gender equality and feminism in society. UNESCO has also explained the standpoint of media literacy. Media literacy also plays an important role in development. Gender sensitive media literacy is very important, and its competencies should be used to enhance exposure of gender equality.

Media has played a very vital role in creating positive and negative externalities in today’s world. Gender is another topic which is highly influenced by media. How it is affecting the lives and how it affects the personality of females is a major topic of concern.

From the very young age, the interests of girls are shaped by their surroundings, which nowadays mainly includes the media she consumes and lives in. The toys she plays with are also highly influenced by the surroundings. The toys that differentiate the choices of boys and girls are associated with the physical appearance and attractiveness. The domestic and outdoor activities also influence the choice of games they want to play. However, both the genders require a toy that promotes a wide range of capabilities like empathy, creativity cognition and exploration. Breaking the gender stereotypes is and making the influence of these stereotypes minimal during the early stages of the child is very important.

The media is found to leave an influence on the social and emotional development of women. As the girl reaches adolescence, they by nature are meant to receive sexual behavior messages, the sign of violence and substance abuse. All these look more horrible in reality and leave many serious consequences if not dealt with and taught at the right time. Media together with the digital technology have supplemented precarious environment where kids and young individuals are living and growing up. So how to deal with such circumstance and to make the right use of media to groom women and to bring them to empowerment is a question of the century.

Girls should be made to learn to make the critical examination of when, how and why the media messages are constructed and how these messages should reflect, develop and shape your social and ethical values. They should be able to talk more openly in a safe, environment about the messages; no pressure should be put on them to modify the influence of message they receive. Therefore it is very important that they get the right interpretation of those messages, and how to make the right decision regarding their physical and emotional health. They should be able to understand and explore the other side of media which is business, and therefore they shall be able to produce and drive their messages related to the issues they face. It will help to empower the women as with this they will have better interpretation and understanding skills of their surrounding media.