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:: Marilyn Monroe Profile ::
Name :
Norma Jeane Mortenson
Nickname :
The Blonde Bombshell, MM
Baptized :
Norma Jeane Baker, and later to be known as Marilyn Monroe
Baptized At :
Foursquare Gospel Church, Hawthorne, California
Baptized When :
On 6th December 1926 - Marilyn was 6 months old
Other Names :
Norma Jeane Baker
Norma Jeane Dougherty
Norma Jeane DiMaggio
Date of Birth :
1st June at 09:30am, 1926 at Los Angeles General Hospital
Place of Birth :
Los Angeles, California, United States
Date of Death :
5th August, 1962 [aged 36] (Official coroner's report states Marilyn died on 5th August 1962 at 03:50am. However it seems that Marilyn is more likely to have died on 4th August 1962 between 9:00pm - 10:00pm)
Place of Death :
Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, United States
Cause of Death :
Barbiturate Overdose
Resting Place :
Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, 1218 Glendon Avenue, Westwood, Los Angeles
Nationality :
Known For :
Sex Symbol, "Blond Bombshell"
Height :
5 ft 5.5 in (1.66 m)
Eyes Color :
Blue(It is believed that her California driving licence stated her eye colour was Brown)
Hair Color :
Natural Brown
Ethnicity :
Weight :
When she died her weight was recorded at 117 pounds
Measurement :
Bust: 35-37 in
Waist: 22-23 in
Hips: 35-36 in
Bra size: 36D
Occupation :
Actress, Model, Film Producer, Singer, Showgirl
Genres :
Instruments :
Music Style :
Vocal Pop, Pop/Rock, Traditional Pop, Celebrity, Popular Music Entry
Religion :
Pentecostal (1926-1956), Judaism (1956-1962)
Zodiac Sign :
Education :
Attended Van Nuys High School
Family :
Mother :Gladys Monroe Baker (also called Gladys Pearl Baker or Gladys Monroe Mortenson)
Father :Edward Mortenson or C. Stanley Gifford
Husbands :
    1) James Dougherty (M: June 19, 1942; D: September 13, 1946)
    2) Joe DiMaggio (M: January 14, 1954; D: October 27, 1954)
    3) Arthur Miller (M: June 29, 1956; D: January 24, 1961)
Signature :
Marilyn Monroe Signature

:: Marilyn Monroe Short Biography ::

Probably the most celebrated of all actresses, Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson on Tuesday, June 1st, 1926, in Los Angeles General Hospital. She was almost smothered to death at two, nearly raped at six. At nine the LA Orphans' Home paid her a nickel a month for kitchen work while taking back a penny every Sunday for church. In 1942, at the age of 16, Norma Jeane was married James Dougherty, they divorced in 1946. By this time Marilyn began to model swimsuits and bleached her hair blonde. In her short life time Marilyn Monroe was married and divorced Joe DiMaggio and James Dougherty. She was signed to a contract at $125 per week for a six-month period with 20th Century-Fox. Her first film was in 1947 with a bit part in film The Shocking Miss Pilgrim. on the same year Fox declined to renew her contract and Columbia Pictures then picked her up to play Peggy Martin in Ladies of the Chorus (1948). Marilyn made only 30 films in her lifetime. Again in 1962 Marilyn was chosen to star in Fox's Something's Got to Give. When she was died in 1962 she was just 36 years old.

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