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Katrina Bowden was born in Wyckoff, New Jersey on 19 September 1988. She is an American actress. She is well known as Katie Bowden. She attended the Saint Thomas More School in Midland Park, New Jersey to study middle school education and grammar. Later she attended Immaculate Heart Academy in Washington Township, New Jersey.

Katrina Bowden got engaged to her boyfriend, musician Ben Jorgensen from the band 'Armor for Sleep'. She wed in May 2013 at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in New York.

Katrina Bowden got her first acting role as Britney in a two-episode arc on long-time television series "One Life to Live" of the ABC. Once she has signed as guest performer on shows like ‘Law & Order: SVU' and 'Ugly Betty'. She scored her breakthrough role as a recurring character, the sexy but incompetent assistant Cerie on the Emmy Award winning Comedy television series '30 Rock' in 2006. Her big screen debut was made in 2008 in the comedy film "Sex Drive". Then she performed two low-budget straight-to-DVD projects "The Shortcut" and "Ratko: The Dictator's Son". Katrina Bowden was casted as Allison in the widely acclaimed horror-comedy film "Tucker & Dale vs Evil" in 2010.

Katrina Bowden was voted as Esquire Magazine's the Sexiest Woman Alive in April 2011 and she was cast as the role of Mia, an "L.A. party girl type" in the fourth installment of the American Pie film trilogy, "American Reunion" by Universal Pictures.

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