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Ashley Fuller Olsen and her twin sister, Mary-Kate Olsen, were born in Sherman Oaks, California on June 13 198. She is an American actress, fashion designer, producer, author, and businesswoman. She is the daughter of Jarnette "Jarnie" who is a personal manager and David "Dave" Olsen who is a real estate developer and mortgage banker. She has an older brother, Trent Olsen, a younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, an actress, and younger half siblings Taylor and Jake from their father's second marriage. Her parents were divorced in 1996. Ashley Olsen graduated from Campbell Hall School and for a period of time she also attended New York University.

Ashley Olsen break up with her high school sweetheart Matt Kaplan their three years of dating in May 2004 after. She began dating fellow actor Justin Bartha in May 2008. They split up after three years dating in 2011. Then she dated businessman David Schulte for six months. Ashley Olsen has been dating film director Bennett Miller since January 2014.

Ashley Olsen began her acting career in 1987 when she was chosen to play the role of Michelle Tanner on a new TV series, "Full House"(1987). The twins and Robert Thorne formed a production company, Dualstar. In 1993 they had recorded an album titled 'Brother For Sale' and a music video called 'Our First Video'. The following years they starred in three straight to video movies, "To Grandmother's House We Go" (1992), "Double, Double Toil and Trouble" (1993), and "How the West Was Fun" (1994).

In 1995 Ashley Olsen made her big screen debut with her twin in "It Takes Two" (1995) and in the next few years they continued to make videos in their series.

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