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List of Authors Whoes Name Started With Letter 'L' on CuteChoice.Com

Authors Name Started With - 'L'
L Ron Hubbard Langston Hughes Latin Proverb
Laurence Sterne Lee Iacocca Lenny Bruce
Leo Durocher Leonard Cohen Les Brown
Lewis H Lapham Lillian Hellman Lin Yü-tang
Lope de Vega Lord Byron Lord Melbourne
Louis-Ferdinand Celine Louis Binstock Louis Pasteur
Louise Bogan Lucretius Ludwig Wittgenstein
Luther Burbank Lyndon B Johnson Lady Mary Montagu
Lao-Tzu Lauren Bacall Lawrence Durrell
Lee Trevino Leo Burnett Leo Rosten
Leonardo Da Vinci Lester Bangs Lewis Mumford
Lillian Smith Lionel Trilling Lord Acton
Lord Chesterfield Lord Shaftesbury Louis Aragon
Louis D Brandeis Louis XIV Louise L Hay
Ludwig Feuerbach Luigi Pirandello Lydia M Child
Lady Nancy Astor Larry Bird Laurence J Peter
Lazarus Long Leigh Hunt Leo Buscaglia
Leon Trotsky Leroy "Satchel" Paige Lewis Carroll
Lewis Thomas Lily Tomlin Logan Pearsall Smith
Lord Alfred Tennyson Lord Mansfield Lou Holtz
Louis Armstrong Louis Kronenberger Louisa May Alcott
Lucille Ball Ludwig Van Beethoven Luis Bunuel
Lyman Abbott    
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