Speed reading is a skill that everyone wants to learn and acquire. Mainly, speed reading Is the technique of immediately identifying and absorbing sentences and phrases rather than, recognizing every single word on the page.

With every a minute, the wealth of knowledge Is increasing. This prompts stress and makes it difficult to process the information at a faster rate. Some people are intrinsically quick readers but average people read about 250 words per minute. Speed reading is really helpful when there is a lot of work remaining either at school, office or even at home in routine. So, here are 5 tips for fast reading to help you acquire faster reading speed.

1.Use the Pointer Technique

Most people find themselves less focused while reading. To avoid this problem you can use a finger, pointer or pen below the line for directing. This will increase your concentration and speed.

In doing so, the key thing is not only to point but also performing it quickly. Simply, place an index card below the line, and slide it down as you read. This helps to acquire more knowledge.

2.Skip Trivial Words

Take into account that every word is not invoked equally. In fact, certain words do not provide much help in perceiving the meaning of the sentence. So, the best outcome of skipping small and unwanted words is time sparing with a plethora of knowledge gained. By exercising this technique, the brain instinctively starts to avoid frivolous and meaningless words and phrases.

3.Do not Subvocalize

While reading, our mind unconsciously pronounces the word which causes us to read at a lower speed of 150 words per minute. it looks impossible to elude this behavior because it is rooted in our subconscious mind.

A splendid tip to refrain one from this practice is to make him observe and think about the word without the necessity of uttering aloud. This might seem difficult at the beginning with slight subvocalization but after a little practice, you will certainly start to observe some positive change.

4.Skimming and Scanning

If the context is lengthy and you are in a hurry then skimming and scanning technique can be beneficial. Just open the context, take your time to read the main title, table of contents, subtitles and go through the main points. Also, trace the captions under the schematic diagrams. In Brief, get the hint of the context.

Following this, skim over the first part of each section along with middle and last. Look upon this in your mind and compile the information.

5.Set the Goal

set goals and practice for a particular wordcount to enhance speed. With time gradually increase the word count and decrease the reading time for better results. The most important thing is practicing along with setting goals and sticking to it. Set the aim for what type of information you wish to gain. Track your progress every so often.

conclusively, it is an absolute truth that no one can gain knowledge without reading but it can be made simpler by using these 5 tips for Fast Reading.