YouTube is 2nd largest search engine and social platform where people share their ideas and market their business. In the web space, it is considered as money influencing stage where million are people market their brands and earn a lot of money. But some people don’t get their desired results due to their poor marketing strategies. Here we will discuss 15 ways to grow your YouTube views that will help you to promote your brand or business on the biggest video sharing site when you combine them with buying YouTube views.

  1. Evergreen content is always a game winner. Try to focus on generating evergreen video content. Also, create trending video content that will give you a lot of views. Although, trending videos will give you short-term views these videos are likely to rank well in the search engine results and more people will visit your channel and watch the other videos on your channel.
  2. When you embed your videos in your blog, remember to add subscribe buttons next to the video on the blog.
  3. Use Long tail keyword for your video titles and write about 300 to 500 words description for your video. Because Google gives too much importance to the detailed video descriptions and finds it as more relevant content for the video.
  4. Include a YouTube widget to your blog. Use Tint tool for this purpose.
  5. Ask your viewers to like and share your video. When your video gets more likes and share then it will secure top place in the search page of YouTube.
  6. Try to reply to all the comments even negative comment on your video. It will give the message to your viewers that you care about what others have to say.
  7. Work with other creators on YouTube to promote your video and produce co-branded videos too. That way, you will get more views on the marketing channel of others.
  8. Check your Analytics and Dashboard and find your most loyal aficionados and engage them with your videos. Ask them to share your videos with their friends.
  9. Show the glimpse of your behind-the-scenes shooting because people love to see the personal side of your brand or business.
  10. Promote your content to your email subscribers.
  11. Put some serious efforts to get more subscribers, reach out to the people who are in your email list and ask them to subscribe to your channel.
  12. Use the feature of YouTube called autocomplete feature, use this feature to find the most popular keyword and add them in the title of your video. Also, consider the YouTube suggestion when you put keyword or phrases in the search page of YouTube.
  13. Use Google+ for promoting your YouTube videos because it is a social platform that is associated with YouTube. Use hangout
  14. Use Ubersuggest (keyword suggestion tool) that will help you to find the most relevant long-tail phrases or keywords and use them in the title and description of your video.
  15. Buy YouTube views from the most reliable service provider to get more views especially within first 24 hours because when your video will get a number of views within 24 hours then it will show up in the top position of the search page.